With the project of Analogue to Digital, we encourage and nurture; critical thinking, skills and development of Youth.

YouthPreneurs, does just what the name suggest – links Youth to Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Professionals, Creatives, within their Communities. With Partners, including the ‘E3’ Lab of Belgium Design Council.

Developing entrepreneurial skills, relevant skills for the future of work. Looking at the Professions of today and linking with the skills and professions, required for tomorrow. Using creative methodologies for building interpersonal skills.

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 01.48.40YouthPreneurs focusses on :

  • Awareness and learning on ‘Value’ and social awareness, where it encourages a the social value and impact, as opposed to the monetary aspect and aim
  • With a focus on learning and an awareness  for Youth on ‘Enterprise, Efficiency and Excellence’ (E3 Lab)
  • Encouraging an attitude and message of positivity and encouragement
  • Mentor / Mentee – together with Teachers and Educators, developing ongoing relationships, with the Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Organisations to have ‘Mentors’ and role models for vulnerable Youth and those with Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • Young Women Empowerment – Building confidence with young women and linking to them to experienced women in the community, for coaching and mentoring.



Developed by the Belgium Design Council – ‘E3’ Lab