‘Espace Kalm‘ programme, was first announced by our Joint initiators of Analogue to Digital, in a Blog post by the (BDC) Belgium Design Council’s

Below we have updated and taken some extract from the BDC explanation from the website:

“Along with our E3 Innovation Lab and our ‘Sister’ non-profit organisation of BIDs Belgium, we also launch the ‘Espace Kalm’ programme. This programme of Espace Kalm, will hold several projects within the aspect of caring in our communities and ‘Designing our Communities.’ Some of which will link to the Sustainable Development Goals, of Education, Health and Well-Being, Sustainable Cities, with Inclusivity and Resilient Communities, etc.

Espace Kalm, tackles community issues, with a little Design Thinking. Whether it’s ‘head space’, a ‘physical space’, with projects taking a holistic approach, that give you that much needed ‘feel good factor’, with a safe, secure and inclusive element that link well to the SDG’s. Projects in which we can collaborate with others, young and old. An opportunity to run away with our imagination. In the 2D, 3D or 4D world, by painting, drawing, creating, digital or printing. We can create and design our own Espace Kalm projects and moments together. Some pilot projects that can create a big impact. Together ‘Designing’  Inclusive, Safe, Sustainable and Resilient Cities and Communities.”

The BDC (the E3 Innovation Lab), also initiated, with BIDs Belgium, the first pilot workshop for Analogue to Digital. Our extended programme is now based around this project. With hope for Analogue to Digital, to eventually become an independent non-profit organisation, with extending our core team, partners and collaborators:

“With the BDC’s Design Stategy of ‘Designing our Communities’, the related projects are within the creativity and digital sphere.  They also tackle the inclusivity aspect of communities and Mental Health.”

As explained by the BDC, the related projects of ‘Espace Kalm’  are also some intergeneration. Such as ‘InclusivART’:

“These will again focus on the link of creativity to the digital aspects of creating and designing Art. Some interesting collaborations are in the pipeline concerning these project. We often refer to our inspiration for most of our Inclusive projects, which link to creativity – as the Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama,whom we adore. We will launch this project in 2018 and will write more about this in due course.”

We are thinking of  linking the Analogue to Digital, Inclusive STEAM Workshops with this wonderful project. There are already schools lined up for the Pilots in 2018. Again explained by the BDC :

“We are also incredibly proud to have been talking and connecting to the people involved in the heartwarming Friendship Bench Zimbabwe, project. An incredibly successful project that tackles Mental Health within the communities in Zimbabwe. The Belgium Design Council has the approval from Zimbabwe, to move forward with an ‘adapted’ version of this project. Launching the Friendship Bench Belgium, with the premiere of the Friendship Bench Brussels project. Again focussing on the ‘Inclusive STEAM’ aspect. This project will be launched in the Commune of Molenbeek, again initiating this pilot, with two interested schools in the area, with collaborations with some of our partners from previous projects.”

Analogue to Digital is excited to be part ‘Espace Kalm’ – we look forward to realising more projects with more partnerships and more collaborations.
Images : Google, Friendship Bench Zimbabwe, Belgium Design Council