We love creativity and to be creative. We love our digital tools. We are curious of all the things that the digital transformation can bring to everyone.
The possibilities of merging these two worlds together intrigues us. Encouraging a stimulating, sensory, immersive experience. Along, with a subtle build up to what this can further create. With a sense of understanding of how and what we can experience along the way. Nurturing skills and creativity. Building confidence.
Analogue to Digital, has a variety of inclusive projects for the Community. For Youth and children, with and without intellectual, physical disabilities and deaf chidren. The programme is the creation of Belgium Design Council and it’s ‘E3’ Lab, along with the sister NGO of BIDs Belgium.
Re-designing Education with innovative and inclusive projects. Nurturing creativity, encouraging critical thought and design thinking. Whilst, developing the digital skills to ‘future proof’ our communities. To be ready for the digital transformation.
We initiated this programme, with our first pilot workshop. We brought together some like-minded community partners and collaborators. Bringing together facilitators, to co-create the immersive experience for the Children and Educators. Co-creating and connecting, with schools, institutions for an immersive, interactive, fun, learning experience.  Including visual illustrators, designers and storytellors. Re-designing and encouraging a re-think of the way we learn and teach.  Creating and learning together. Sharing our passion and vision, of inclusivity, with a holistic and human approach. All with a positive social impact.
The projects links to the ‘umbrella programme’ of ‘Espace Kalm’. Espace Kalm, is a variety projects. Projects with a focus on Mental Health and Well-Being within a community. Linked to both organisations of Belgium Design Council and BIDs Belgium.